Jaume Mora is an art director, visual designer, and concept artist based in Los Angeles.

He possesses a unique background, having pursued degrees in Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design at the University of Barcelona and a Masters in Motion Graphics and Digital Multimedia Design at Media Art Institute of Barcelona, which allowed him to become a multidisciplinary professional with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity.

Jaume spent a decade working in the Advertising & Digital Media industry, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with top directors and creatives, as well as leading accounts such as Nike, Microsoft, Disney/Pixar, Converse, Konami, Nickelodeon and Verizon, on high-profile web, video, and print campaigns. His versatility allowed him to work across various mediums, honing his skills and expertise in UIX, visual & concept design, and art direction.

In 2010, Jaume decided to expand his horizons and explore the world of game development. He spent the following two years splitting his efforts between digital media and the games industry before finally making the switch to focus on UIX, visual design, and art direction for video games. His work paid off, and he has since worked for renowned companies like Gameloft, Insomniac Games, and Tencent among others developing on both indie and AAA games for mobile, console, PC, and VR.

Jaume’s work is featured in a variety of well-known games, including Spider-Man PS4, Ratchet and Clank PS4, Sunset Overdrive, DRIFTERS, Sonic Colors, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition among many others.

His strong creative and strategic thinking, coupled with his multidisciplinary training and strong leadership skills allow him to work across different media and teams and deliver fresh, innovative, and engaging solutions for any project he is involved in. He is always striving for excellence in his work and is continuously searching for the next challenge to push his skills to the limit.


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Twentytwo years creating experiences for world-class consumer and video game brands.

My career has been shaped by a multidisciplinary education and the drive to become the best professional I could be on every milestone that I hit. This has led me to gain expertise in a wide range of disciplines like art direction, design, illustration, animation, photography, and, recently, undertaking filmmaking.

Combining strategic thinking, creative concept, user experience, and design with a deep understanding of visual language and technology allows me to carry any project from ideation to execution, turning complex ideas into sophisticated and entertaining experiences. I’m always looking for a challenge that will allow me to develop my skills as a creative and push the standards and boundaries of any medium that I work in.

I have always had a knack for teamwork. I thrive in building and nurturing teams and talent, being a pillar on which colleagues can rely upon and look up to for direction as well as keeping myself humbled and surrounded by people who can teach and challenge me allowing me to continue curbing my skills and knowledge day after day.

Games Developed or In Development.

Project Duality (in dev), Mystic Kingdoms – Project Aurora (Playgig – in dev), PROJECT F (Tencent Games LSLA – in dev), DRIFTERS: Loot the Galaxy (Blind Squirrel Games), NeonDistrict (Blockade Games), Spider-Man PS4 (Insomniac Games/Marvel/SONY), Edge of Nowhere, Feral Rites (Insomniac Games/Oculus Rift), Ratchet and Clank PS4 (Insomniac Games/SONY), Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac Games/Microsoft), Outernauts (Insomniac Games), Spider-Man Unlimited (Gameloft/Marvel), Cars: Fast as Lightning (Gameloft/Disney-Pixar), Zombiewood (Gameloft). Alli SK8TR (4mm Games – canceled)

Brand Experience.

Nike, MeUndies, Endless Entertainment, Gemini, AFI, Rexona/Degree, Impulse, Converse, Droid, Verizon, Nickelodeon, American Express, Alli Sports, 4mm Games, Konami, Nokia, Capcom, Comcast, Audi, Volkswagen, Panasonic, F.C.Barcelona, Rhino Records, La Caixa, Visa, Mitsubishi Electric, Match.com, Chemistry, Montesa-Honda, Dewar’s, amongst others.


Multidisciplinary design: On & Offline. Art Direction. Ui & UX. 2D Animation. Motion Graphics. Production. Illustration.

Game Art/Design: Game Design, Concept Art, Character creation, Backgrounds, Animation, Pixel Art.

Work Experience.

Creative Director | Playgig — 08/2021 – present. 

Lead Ui/Ux | Tencent LSLA — 07/2020 – 09/2021. 

Lead Ui/Ux | Blind Squirrel Games — 04/2019 – 06/2020. Ui Art & Ux Direction, building teams, supervising Ui and Ux development for both Original IP and Work for Hire projects, brainstorming, high-level concept design, and art dev/implementation for AAA titles on both PC and Console video games.

Art Director | Blockade Games — 05/2018 – 02/2019. Art Direction, Animation Direction, Ux/Ui Direction, Brand Direction, bridging between marketing and dev teams, building teams, brainstorming, concept design, and development for the Mobile and PC original IP video game Neon District.

Sr. Ui & 2D Artist | Insomniac Games — 10/2013 – 09/2017. 2D/Ui lead artist & designer, brainstorming, concept & art development/implementation for Mobile and AAA original PC and Console videogames.

Ui Lead Designer / Sr. 2D Artist | Gameloft — 04/2012 – 09/2013. 2D artist/Ui lead, brainstorming, concept, and art development/implementation for original Android/iOS Mobile videogames.

• Sr. Designer & Art Director | R/GA — 01/2011 – 04/2012. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, user interface, and interactive design on integrated websites, microsites, rich media advertising, online marketing, and email campaigns with high-level design for large-scale national and international consumer brands.

• Sr. Designer & Art Director | Digitas — 10/2010 – 01/2011. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, user interface with high-level design for international financial and consumer brands.

• Sr. Designer & Art Director | McGarry Bowen/Continuity — 09/2010 – 01/2011. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, user interface with high-level design for international consumer brands.

Sr. Designer & Art Director | 4mm Games — 05/2010 – 12/2010. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, user interface with design for the company’s corporate website and the PC, Console, and Mobile original videogames.

• Sr. Designer | IndustryNext LLC – UvLayer — 04/2009 – 04/2010. Design Lead, brainstorming, concept development, user interface, art direction with design for the company’s internal projects and a variety of international clients related to the company’s products and projects.

• Senior Designer | Hanft Raboy & Partners (freelancer) — 03/2009 – 05/2009. Concept development, art direction with high-level design for international consumer brands and entertainment industry clients.

• Senior Designer & Art Director | HTTPcomunicació — 09/2006 – 04/2008. Art Direction, brainstorming, concept development, offline design and production for print, interactive design on integrated websites, microsites, rich media advertising, online marketing, and email campaigns for large-scale national and international consumer brands.

• Designer & Teacher | IED instituto europeo di design — 09/2006 – 09/2007

Senior Designer | McCann Erickson – Momentum Worldwide — 09/2005 – 09/2006

• Designer & Direction Assistant | OFFF BCN — 02/2005 – 06/2005

CEO & Art Director | Limón  — 04/2002 – 02/2005

Designer & Art Director | additive — 09/2008 – Present


• Universitat de Barcelona. (UB) – Spain BA in Fine Arts / Design.

• Fak d’Art – Mediart Institute – Spain Animation & Interactive Design Grade. Master in Graphic & Interactive Design.

Professional References upon request.


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