Neon District

Neon District is a Cyberpunk turn-based RPG where players can enjoy an engaging and exciting story along with innovative gameplay systems and mechanics. Since it is a Blockchain project any content generated and purchased in the game comes with real ownership by the players.

I was the Art Director on the project from early conception, during production, up until the first playable demo for our MVP.

Early on I gave myself the responsibility of evaluating our artists’ different styles and deciding on one that would be production-friendly as much as creatively impactful. Another big early goal was to unify art production so that everyone could adapt and thrive on anything they would work on.

I also took charge of creating and holding a vision throughout the project, which meant taking care of all art and design, VFX, UIX-visual design, and animation design direction.

My responsibilities also included hiring talent to continue expanding our art team. I worked heavily with the design & tech directors as well as the producers and C-level staff in order to plan out our vision and come up with a feasible successful plan.