Spider-Man PS4

Be Greater! – When SONY reached Insomniac Games to propose a new project for a Marvel IP it was clear that all the insomniacs would be thrilled to take on the most difficult task: doing justice to one of the best and most mistreated heroes in the history of video games. Spider-Man.

This project is the biggest most ambitious by Insomniac to date. Existing technology would be enhanced and perfected and new tech would be created to deliver on everyone’s highest expectations.

I had the chance to be in the forefront of design and development of this tech on the Ui and HUD for the game, finally being able to implement a completely 3D HUD handled by the engine reacting to the physics of the game in real time.

During 3 years I helped devise, direct and implement the vision and art direction of the game from the graphic and Ui design perspective allowing it to evolve as the game evolved itself with new takes on design and visuals.

On top of menus, HUD, and items like POIs, waypoints, and Ui systems to guide the player, I also had the chance to design a few in-world assets like vehicles, badges, and logos in collaboration with the character artists and environment artists.